Retail Therapy (part 1)

So Pone is headed this way to arrive late this week and I’ve had this post in my drafts forever. But, like the procrastinator we all know I am, I didn’t finish it till today. And I’ve already hit the ‘place order’ button so like, if I’ve forgotten anything major, well, oops. Amazon Prime to the rescue or something.

daleks saying "procrastinate"
it meeeeee

I ordered from this time (mostly)- their 30% off coupon was working and while a lot of their inexpensive stuff is meh in quality, when you’re ordering a bunch of things to get you started, it definitely helps.

So, to start with the boring stuff:

  • First aid kit refills (I’ve got a fairly extensive pet first aid kit that lives in the car already because doggos) of Vetricyn (that was from Amazon) and some extra vet wrap.
  • Fly spray (hopefully buying it means I won’t need it; there were zero flies out at the barn the other day.) Pyranha brand seemed well-reviewed by other bloggers, so I went with that, and I can’t find it locally.

    I got the green flavor. 😉
  • Saddle stand (so the saddle can be removed from the back of the sofa where it currently lives. I’m going to build a PVC rack to slide into the back of the Durango until there’s storage space for me at the barn.
  • Treats (okay, maybe not boring)- I went with the Manna Pro “Apple Nuggets” on the basis of small and pocket-able without it disentigrating. It’s a treat, it doesn’t have to be particularly healthy. I seem to remember from other horse bloggers that the German Horse Muffins are particularly beloved but I set myself a $8 limit because frankly, I don’t think I’m so lucky as to pick something that he’ll love the first time 😛
  • Lunge line- 24′, flat cotton with a snap.
  • Lead rope x2 (because things go walkabout)
  • A couple of extra hoofpicks to stash in the Durango and in my purse.
  • ONe of these guys- fancy pink Himalayan rock salt
    This is the first time I’ve ever been responsible for a horse in a situation where they are in a stall with a run rather than primarily in a pasture. So entertainment for him seems in order.

Wormer is going to wait until I find out what my vet recommends.

Part II, and the All Important Color Decision, both coming soon-ish.

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