Retail Therapy (part 2) – The Matchy Matchening

I will cut to the chase and tell you that overall, I haven’t decided what color all Dunny’s stuff should be.

See, part of the problem is that he’s dang pretty in turquoise.

profile picture of an adorable buckskin horse in a teal halter

And turquoise IS basically my favorite color.

I even had turquoise (and rose gold) hair for my wedding

And I have a teal-and-brown pommel bag from Jaime Reid Ruff’s Production Room (link goes to her FB page), which is super well made and will be very useful.

Holds two 20oz water bottles and has a nice little pocket for a map or keys or other little stuff in the middle. Fleece-lined and awesome! She’s discontinued her patterned ones, which makes me even gladder I grabbed this, as the solid turquoise isn’t as nice a color as the turquoise on this!

So it’s like a no-brainer. Just go with turquoise.

My saddle came with a decent wool felt pad but I wanted to get a blanket to protect it (mostly because felt will catch on stuff and get gross). But the only turquoise Mayatex one was really not vey turquoise:

Seriously, Mayatex, this is like, regular blue. 😦

I want matchy biothane tack (because I am a lazy peson who also likes color) and this really doesn’t match Turquoise, Teal, or Sky Blue biothane. 😦

Product Image
This other Mayatex blanket does, but I hate to spend $50 on a blanket that may not be what I need. At all.

And that’s all assuming that the felt pad is a good fit for him under the Big Horn saddle. Of which there is zero guarantee. So I bought a super cheap acrylic one and will use that till I determine if the felt pad is going to work or I should buy a fleece one.  Argh!

And then there’s the whole “But I’m not sure I WANT turquoise thing.” Because my other favorite color ALSO would look awesome on him:

Yes, this is a very cheap saddle blanket. I am willing to spend $9 for color testing purposes. (Also, my dogs have 32″ crates so anything that isn’t going on Dunny will become a dog bed.)

My SCA device (for non-heraldry geeks, this means ‘coat of arms’- the SCA is the Society for Creative Anachronism, a group dedicated to recreating the middle ages ‘as they should have been’, including armored combat, art stuff, brewing, and of course, equestrian activities!) is green, black, and white.

But my saddle is brown, and this blanket DEFINITELY would need black bridle and strap goods…..

So like… argh, choices. We’ll see how things look when he gets here. 🙂

I also picked up a grooming tool set, just the basics (I’ll fill out and replace as I need better or different items); some trail reins that I like better than flat reins, and a rope halter- in black and turquoise.

2 thoughts on “Retail Therapy (part 2) – The Matchy Matchening”

  1. For some reason choosing a color is one of the more stressful parts of getting a new horse. Gem was red and black but the Orange Butthead looks gross in red so I had to do an overhaul. You’ll land on something that looks great. Buckskins can go in nearly any color and still look amazing


    1. I don’t understand why this matters so much, you know? 😛 But it was the BIGGEST REASON I procrastinated about placing that order!

      He’s stuck with the purple bridle I got with my saddle for now. 😛 I need to see if he prefers a 1-ear or a browband headstall before I order one. (And decide if I’m able to deal with a black bridle with brown saddle. I want a black saddle for him eventually, LOL)


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