Bits… argh.

So I don’t currently own any bits. And only one bridle. And it’s purple. And ugly. (And a decent little off brand S-hack with sheepskin cover, which doesn’t seem like a bad idea but is probably not what I want to start off with.)

Pony-that-is-not-staying-named-Dunny is going to have to cope with the purple headstall, at least for now, unless it just doesn’t fit him, which it probably will. And I’m going to have to do some bit shopping. Ugh.

With backyard western ponies, I grew up with everything-in-a-basic-curb bit. (Kids on the kid-friendly horses got a halter with reins clipped on it and no bit. I didn’t realize until I was about 7 (and took some lessons) that a halter and a bridle weren’t the same thing….). In all likelihood, Dunny has probably gone in that previously- it’s just kind of the default backyard ranch horse bit.

Basically exactly this. Probably exactly this cheap thing as it existed in 1984, because Pawpaw was kind of a cheapskate.

My inclination is to pick up a basic low/medium port plain curb, and a basic snaffle, and see where we are. But ugh, so many choices.

I have four bits in my cart on Riding Warehouse (admittedly, 3 of them are just different basic snaffles with different shaped rings) and like, twice that on a couple other sites with more low end options- once I have a basic idea of what fits and what he is comfortable in, I’ll upgrade in the same basic concept. Right now I’m suffering Too Many Choices paralysis.

What’s in your basic bit toolbox, guys?


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