Daily update #2 – improvement! Still no update on the name situation. :)

After a sleepless night angsting about it, I decided to talk to Angela and the vet about if SOME fluids might be better than none (3 days on fluids+hospitalization on top of everything else was just not within the budget I had set for myself), because I am Invested and want to do the best by him.

a sooty buckskin horse standing in front of a dirty white fence
Pic for attention because I don’t have anything new today…

And he’d improved overnight, but both felt that this was a reasonable route to take. So he got SOME fluids today, diarrhea is improving, and he’s eating and drinking. We just need to keep things going in the right direction- please keep us in your thoughts.

Still working on the name situation – Patronus and Aquila are the top two contenders at the moment.

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New Boy is out of Kaufman but still a ways to go to get healthy.

He got bailed out this morning by Angela of EasyPFarms and headed straight to the vet. I found Angela while searching through the various QT options that came up who worked with Kaufman, and recognized her name from a FB acquaintance’s posts and writing (Bobbie Jo wrote about her in Equus back in 2017, when Angela was an essential part of saving her rescue MFT Farley) . I’m really impressed with Angela’s professionalism and the great job she’s done keeping me in the loop, as well as the precautions she takes- every horse is required to go straight to the vet before returning to her facility, even if they appear fine.

A buckskin horse standing in a white horse trailer and looking skeptical.

Mr Nameless, unfortunately, is snotty, full of runny poop, and several other horses coming from Kaufman recently have been positive for salmonella, so we did bloodwork as well. There’s also concern about strangles as well.

Overall prognosis is guarded – he’s on fairly heavy duty antibiotics and in a perfect world, he’d stay in the hospital and go on fluids for 3-5 days, but the cost is prohibitive (and like… it’s easy to say cost doesn’t matter, but the reality is I’m not super willing to sink $2500+ in vet bills into a horse I haven’t met yet when it improves the odds but not necessarily hugely. I’m really having second thoughts about this, but like… I budgeted about that total for startup costs, including shipping and the initial month of board and whatnot and getting set up with a farrier- I’m just not sure it’s financially wise to drain it all right away. Ugh, I wish I was wealthy enough to not worry about decisions like that.)

I have faith in the team that is helping him.  I don’t regret my decision, even with the somewhat unexpected (not entirely- I’ve read the same things about kill pen horses everyone has) setback. I’m ridiculously attached, for a horse that I’ve not even met yet. I feel almost superstitious about naming him, though, until we know how he’s going to do.

Now we just need for him to get better.

2 years, almost exactly

and well… I haven’t been writing. Not because nothing has happened but well… yeah. 🙂

So, when last I updated, I was in the final days of countdown to my move from the suburbs of DFW to rural (and I mean RURAL) New Mexico, to my new home in Gila National Forest. 🙂

I had hopes about starting to ride again, and writing about settling in and stuff. And then life happens. 🙂 Like it does.

2 years later, I’m engaged to one of my very best friends (getting married in 34 days, eek). She’s working on her BSN at the local university, and we’re living in the house I bought in NM (picked out for one person, it’s a bit crowded :P) with a crew of doggos, and over the weekend I finally bought a horse. Who this blog, honestly, is actually going to be about.


He doesn’t have a name yet, but he’s a ~10 year old grade gelding coming from a horse trader/’killpen’ in north Texas. He’s broke but to what degree is unknown. I liked his look, the price was reasonable, he’s sound and stout and we’ll figure everything else out as we go. I have a small pasture here and putting a shelter in it is feasible (I don’t see a real need for stalls, honestly) but I’m planning on boarding him at least over the summer while we get acquainted and until I get a trailer and can work on permission to ride on neighbor’s lease land.

Plans are for trail riding, primarily. I’d like to give endurance a try, at least at the lower levels, and western dressage looks pretty cool. But all of that is in the future- for now, I just want to get him home, get his feet in shape, and start figuring out where we stand.

And oh yeah- a name. 🙂

I’m not gonna write you a booze song.

This is the post excerpt.

This isn’t actually a blog about booze or anything. It’s a blog about a crazy woman living in Gila National Forest in southwestern NM and her life learning to DIY things, renovating her house, living with critters wild, domestic, and inbetween, gardening, writing and well, just living.

It’s also, let’s be fair, an exercise for me in trying to keep track of a daily writing task because ADHD/HFA brain is sometimes lousy at that.